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YesJob wants to make hiring people become simple

28 Jul 2017 | 10:04:46
YesJob wants to make hiring people become simple Harry Sasongko (dok)
JAKARTA (IndoTelko)  – Indonesia has a young population and an active workforce of over 100 million people. As great as this sounds, this huge number also poses significant challenges to employers that are looking to hire; how to identify the right people for their jobs and make them aware of the opportunities.

The only real innovation in the recruitment sector has been a move from print media to online job listings. The method remains the same though; an employer posts a vacancy, job seekers must actively search through thousands of jobs and can apply to whatever position catches their eye regardless of the job requirements.

This style of “job search recruitment” is inefficient for everyone. Employers want instant access to exactly the right type of people for their job and job seekers want to be easily informed about the best opportunities for them in the ever-changing market. This led James Umpleby, an Executive Headhunter in Jakarta and the Founder and CEO of YesJob to build the 1st Digital Recruiter.

“As an example, for entry level jobs thousands of online applications may be received by a company, it can take months and a lot of manpower to sift through all of the job seekers to find the ones that are suitable. From my experience, finding good candidates is one of the toughest challenges faced by any business leader in Indonesia”, said Harry Sasongko, Senior Advisor of YesJob, and Former CEO of Indosat.

As the world gets more creative with technology utilisation, YesJob has emerged as a one-of-a-kind ‘Digital Recruiter’, bringing employers and job seekers together in a way never seen before.

DRIve (Digital Recruiter Disruptive Technology) is the complex algorithm that powers YesJob. It is the key instrument that sets YesJob apart from existing online recruitment portals and tools. “DRIve considers a huge number of variables when matching job seekers to vacancies. The algorithm is designed to act like an experienced head-hunter. As everything is instant and automatic it will help employers interview the right candidates faster. We believe YesJob could positively affect business productivity at large,” said Rama Notowidigdo, Senior Technology Advisor of YesJob and former Chief Product Officer of Go-Jek.

He further explained “YesJob ‘crunches’ big data and can accommodate all types of urban based work environment. Be it a company looking for specific types of office staff, or a shopping mall, hospital, factory, even private individuals looking for house workers. YesJob also assures data security for all users,” Rama explained.

Christian Sugiono, a well-known figure that has a successful Technology start-up, also gave his positive remarks about YesJob. “Having been a job seeker and an employer for my own start-up, I believe that YesJob could really benefit everyone. Why? Because YesJob will instantly notify job seekers when a matched job opportunity becomes available straight to their Android or iOS phone anytime and anywhere with no effort needed. Plus their profile data is 100% private. And for employers, it’s a luxury, they do everything through a simple to use web portal, there’s no need to waste any time reviewing irrelevant CV’s,” said Cristian.

Christian also added, “Most people with a secure job are not willing to spend hours browsing the internet looking for new opportunities. But they would be interested to hear about better jobs if no effort is needed. These so-called ‘passive candidates’ are impossible to access via traditional online recruitment. With YesJob, I believe this will no longer be the issue.”

Regarding the business model, James confirmed, “The YesJob App is 100% free to use for job seekers. For employers there are no subscription fees and no job listing fees. Only if an Employer likes the Digital CV of a ‘matched and interested’ candidate and wants to contact that person do they have to pay a small fee of IDR 20,000. It’s pretty unique.” (es)

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